The Bulls need roster upgrades if they hire D’Antoni

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Apparently Mike D’Antoni is interested in the Bulls coaching job.  I assume it’s because D’Antoni sees the athleticism on the Bulls necessary to run his seven seconds or less coaching style effectively.  With how Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah played well together toward the end of the season, I can see the potential there to run the fast paced D’Antoni offense.  I’m sure Ben Gordon would also thrive in the Phoenix Suns system.  However, the Bulls are missing the key ingrident for this exciting style of play and its an effective point guard.  DO NOT sell me on Captain Kirk or Ben Gordon as capable of filling these roles, they  just don’t have the skills (Hinrich) or the desire to pass first (Gordon).  As someone who has re-introduced themselves to the NBA this year, D’Antoni would be an exciting hire for the Bulls but they have to make the roster adjustments to make such a marriage work.  Obviously, first they need to fix the point guard situation.  Luckily, the NBA draft this year has a few solid lottery choices.  Derrick Rose is ideal, but it looks like Pat Riley may even pass on Marcus Beasley to snag the Memphis kid number 1.  The Bulls should expect a low lottery pick this year and to nab a PG like DJ Augustin from Texas or Jerred Bayless from Arizona would seem possible with a draft day trade up to the 7th or 8th pick (all very speculative without the draft order set yet).  But this will require the type of draft day aggressiveness that John Paxson has yet to show.  With the debacle over the Ben Gordon and Luol Deng contracts last summer one of the two has to go, if D’Antoni becomes the coach it seems obvious to me that Luol won’t fit, he is just too slow and a better half court offensive presence.   As a fan,  watching a D’Antoni coached team would be awesome, but only if Paxson is willing to make the hard decisions necessary to make this work.  This would be a 2-3 year solution where the Celtics and Pistons would be washed up and the Bulls perfectly positioned to ascend to the elite of the Eastern Conference where they take their yearly shot at dethroning King James.


A strike against the world wide leader

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Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big fan of two people. Bill Simmons, ESPN’s The Sports Guy, and the now South Side Chicago hero Barack Obama. I recently read a blurb where ESPN halted a potential interview between the two for the BS report podcast, which is one of the top rated if not top rated podcasts on iTunes. I definitely feel cheated out of what would promise to be an entertaining interview. Anyone familiar with Bill Simmons’ work knows he is an avid follower of the NBA and frequently invokes Obama campaign catch phrases into his articles, especially during the Sports Guy’s failed attempt at campaigning for the Milwaukee Bucks GM gig. Sen. Obama’s fondness for hoops is well known also. An interview between the two would have been quality entertainment without delving into overtly political themes and could have served the ESPN audience well. Apparently, ESPN was concerned about being to political, which is strange considering the network seems to go out of its why to create controversy in sports. Maybe after all of this election non-sense Bill Simmons and Barack Obama can get an interview together, that has to be a higher level of discussion than the constant yelling of Stephen A Smith…

The week of forgiveness in sports

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BartmanA strange thing happened to Chicago Cubs fans last week. Moises Alou, five years later lets everyone know he had no shot at catching the infamous Steve Bartman ball. The response in the Chicago media has been strange considering they were the ones that allowed the hype to get out of control rather than faulting Alex Gonzalez’s much more influential bobble of an easy double play minutes later. Anyway, Alou has now officially taken Bartman off the hook, though way to late in my opinion.

The Alou revelation, opened the floodgates. We heard that Michael Vick is writing to his former owner Arthur Blank to apologize for his mistakes. He is also playing prison football, I bet he still can’t read a defense.

There was Roy Williams at the NCAA tournament finals in a black sweater with a Jayhawk’s sticker. Though something tells me it was Bill Self winning a championship that may get Roy off the hook more so than showing a little KU pride.

Then yesterday at the RedSox game, Bill Buckner throws out the first pitch to a huge ovation. Yes, that Bill Buckner

This is a good thing though.  Glad to see these guys making amends.

The Intro

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So, this is my personal blog, in all likely hood you made it here through the savvydoc blog. I have a passion for health care, I did manage to finish four years of medical school and a year of residency, but I don’t have a passion for taking care of patients. This led me to create savvydoc with my high school friend Emile Cambry. Lucky for you I tend to have random musings on things other than health care and that’s what my personal blog is all about.

I guess, it’s appropriate to explain the name perpetual motion. It’s a phrase that sums up my view on life, we should always be looking to make progress. I hate being stuck in one position. This can be pretty simple, for example I hate traffic. But it can be more complex, like the prospect of seeing patients day in and day out for 30 years just is not my cup of tea and I’ll even admit that my own perpetual motion screeched to a halt when coming to this realization!

I wish I could let everyone know what to expect, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the title. So I’ll only promise to try and improve on my blogging skills and insights…